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How Our PowerApps Leave Management App Can Streamline Your Business

Updated: Jun 27

The Leave Request App is a comprehensive solution designed to manage the leave requests of employees within an organization. This manual will guide regular users on how to utilize the app to manage leave effectively.

Home Screen

Picture 1.1

Filling Out the Form: Choose the type of leave, select dates, and fill in the details of the leave.

Submission: Review your entries and click "Submit Request" to send it for approval.

Viewing Leave Balance

Leave Balance: Select "Leave Balance" from the sidebar to view your current leave entitlements and usage.

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Checking Company Holidays

Company Holidays: By clicking on "Company Holidays," you can view all the scheduled holidays for the current year.

Picture 1.3

Reviewing Request History

Request History: The "Request History" section allows you to track the status of all your leave requests.

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