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Empower anyone to create custom business solutions, automate tasks, and analyze data with Microsoft's low-code development platform.

PowerApps Leave Management App

A PowerApps Leave Management App simplifies requesting and approving leave within an organization, often through a user-friendly interface and automated workflows.

PowerApps Monthly Expense App

A PowerApps Monthly Expense App empowers employees to easily track and submit expense reports for monthly reimbursements, often with features like receipt capture and automated calculations.

PowerApps Time Tracking App

A PowerApps Employee Time Tracking app simplifies recording work hours, potentially with features for clocking in/out, project assignment, and automated reports for payroll or project management.

PowerApps OnBoarding Form App

A PowerApps Onboarding Form App streamlines the new hire process by capturing information digitally, automating tasks, and offering a smooth experience for new employees.

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