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Simplify New Hire Processes with Our Onboarding App

This guide is designed to help HR personnel, managers,efficiently streamline the onboarding process for new employees. The app allows you to create new hire forms, manage checklists, assign post-hire actions, assign questions and collect employee responses seamlessly.

New Hire Form

Create New Form: HR personnel can create new hire forms for specific employees, customize fields, and set up approval workflows.

Submit for Approval: The form goes through an approval workflow before becoming part of the onboarding process.

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Manage Pre-Hire Checklist

Create Checklist: HR personnel can create checklists for pre-hire tasks.

Assign Tasks: Assign tasks to responsible personnel.

Complete Tasks: Tasks are marked as completed as they are finished.

Documentation can be attached to checklist items.


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Manage Post-Hire Checklist

Create Checklist: HR personnel can create checklists for post-hire tasks.

Assign Tasks: Assign tasks to individuals responsible for post-hire actions.

Complete Tasks: Track the completion status of checklist items.

Attach relevant documentation to checklist items. 

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Assign Post-Hire Actions

Assign Actions: HR personnel can assign post-hire actions and tasks to specific employees.

Track Progress: HR can track the progress and completion status of assigned actions. 

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Employee Responses

Collect Employee Responses: Collect responses and feedback from employees about the onboarding process.

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Manage Questionnaires

Create Questionnaires: Create questionnaires to gather specific information from employees. Also you can search the question using Search box.

Assign Questions: Select Users then click on “AssignToAll” to Assign questions to selected employees. 

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Edit Resources

Edit Resources: Add important onboarding resources for your new employees.


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