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Flexible Microsoft-Certified Experts Without Long-Term Commitments

Make payments a breeze with XOFT - no paperwork required. Our flexible consultancy services allow you to work with Microsoft-certified experts for as little as one hour, providing valuable insights and estimations for your future projects.

Optimize Your Workflow with XOFT's Microsoft 365 Expertise and Flexible Payment Options

Whether it's a small assignment, bug in your application, security settings issue, or Microsoft 365 administration problem, XOFT's Pay-As-You-Need service is here to help.

Our flexible solutions provide quick fixes and valuable insights to help you materialize your ideas without any unnecessary overhead costs. Let us help you stay agile and efficient in your day-to-day operations.

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Custom Hourly Packages

Buy Hours Online or Contact for Payment Processing - Easy!

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Book Consultation

Resource Assignment Within 24 Hours - Discuss Your Requirements Now!

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Requirement Discussion

Quick Resource Planning - Project Starts Within One Week!

Step 4

Immediate Outcome

Fast Results, Expert Progress - See the XOFT Difference!

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